Signed Extended Special Edition competition – winners announced!

The Beatles: All These Years Vol 1: Tune In (Extended Special Edition)


We had some brilliant entries in our competition to win signed copies of the Extended Special Edition of The Beatles: Tune In and Mark Lewisohn has now chosen the three winners.

We asked: Why do you think the Beatles have sustained for 50 years and why do people still find them and their history so fascinating?

Here are the three winners and their answers:

Wade Brown
Because they changed the world. From music to hairstyles to fashion they changed it all. It’s ironic that they did not set out to change anything!

James  Percival
The music – pure, unadulterated genius, wrapped around a beautiful, fascinating story that contains a pounding narrative. It is a story that has everything!

Lindsey Clarke
The Beatles represent a remarkable symbiosis. Together the lads created a unique artistry that came to exemplify an ideal in music, lyrics, and principles. They remain as they were: a good little band.

Congratulations to all of the winners – and thanks to everyone who entered.